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How to Disassemble a Desk Hutch

Jon Stefansson

A desk hutch combines the functionality of a writing or computer desk with the storage space of a hutch, often with the addition of shelves above the work area. You might want to take your desk hutch apart before moving house or if you plan on discarding or recycling the desk. Every model of desk hutch is different, so some instructions may not apply or may vary when it comes to working with your particular hutch.

Step 1

Remove any lift-out shelves and place them to one side. Use pliers to pinch out the metal studs that held the shelves in place.

Step 2

Loosen and remove any screws holding the shelves to the desk, working from the top down. Place the screws and any metal brackets in a sealable plastic bag.

Step 3

Remove the drawers from the desk and place them to one side. Tip the desk on its back and loosen the screws holding the legs in place. Remove the legs.

Step 4

Remove any remaining screws holding the desk hutch together. Do not loosen any load-bearing screws without support.

Step 5

Gather the screws, brackets and studs and store them in a lunch bag. Place the shelves, drawers and pieces of the desk to one side ready for shipping or disposal.