How to Get Pancake Syrup Out of Carpet

Carpet spills are always followed by an "Oh, no!" reaction, whether they happen in your own home, or worse, at a friend's house. Most dirt can quickly be eliminated with the help of a vacuum cleaner, but when the mess is a sticky and sugary substance like pancake syrup, the spill requires a more elaborate remedy.

Remove syrup from carpet before it becomes a stain.

Syrup can be lifted out of carpet rather quickly when the proper cleaning method is used and prompt action is taken.

  1. Scrape gently and lift as much syrup as possible onto a spoon until all the excess syrup is off the carpet.

  2. Place a dry paper towel over the spill. Press down firmly on the paper towel so it absorbs more of the remaining syrup. Repeat this until enough of the syrup has been lifted from the carpet that only a stained spot remaiins.

  3. Wet a clean rag and gently blot the syrup-stained section of carpet. Work from just outside the edges of the stain and move your rag toward the center of the spill. Repeat this action until the spot is removed completely.

  4. Lay a brick or other weight on a stack of towels, keeping the stack directly on the spot. This forces any residual syrup to wick up through the towels.

  5. Remove the brick and towels after the spot is dry. Gently brush up the rug piles using your fingers.

  6. Tip

    A carpet-cleaning detergent may be used if water alone proves ineffective at removing the stain..


    Rubbing and brushing in a circular motion can harm fibers and cause staining. Over-wetting the area can cause carpet damage.