How to Make a Triangular Corner Table

Dan Zisko

A triangular corner table is a great way to make usable space out of otherwise unusable corners. This type of table can be set in an out of the way place providing a desk area or extra seating. While a corner table is standard fare at most furniture stores, it will cost substantially less if you build one yourself.

The building of this table is quite straightforward, which means it can end up being as simple or complex as you like it.

  1. Decide how far you want the table to come out of the wall. Measure that distance from one of the corners of the plywood and make a mark. Use a straight edge to draw a line from the corner to the make you made.

  2. Place one edge of the carpenter's square on the corner line. Draw a line at a right angle from the corner line to the edges of the wood.

  3. Cut the corner piece off of the piece of plywood with the saw.

  4. Place either the table legs or the pieces of 2-by-4 at the corners of the table. Screw them to the table by driving screws through the top of the table and into the top of the legs.

  5. Place the table in the corner. Place the "L" brackets so one side is against the wall and the other is pressed against the bottom of the table; the brackets should be placed on opposite walls. Screw the brackets to the wall and the table.

  6. Tip

    For a more finished look, you should try either painting or staining the wood to match the decor of the room.