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How to Build a Taller Swing Set

Elyse James

The best way to build a taller swing set is to use an A-frame design. The height of an A-frame swing set is determined by the length of the legs and the angle at which they meet. To build a classic A-frame swing set that is taller than most, it is important to decrease the angle at which the pieces of the frame meet.

Making your swing set taller will enable it to be used by children of many ages.

A smaller angle will increase the height of the swing set and accommodate any growth spurts your kids might have.

  1. Dig three identical holes for the posts in the ground. The holes should be 12 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep. These will later be filled with concrete to mount the posts in place. Make sure to space the holes apart evenly. There shouldn’t be any more than 10 feet between the posts in order to keep the beam from sagging and creating a dangerous situation.

  2. Cut notches into four of the 4-by-4 foot posts to fit the 4-by-6 foot top beam. Use a circular saw to cut the notches at a 12-degree angle. This small 12-degree angle will increase the height of the swing set.

  3. Put the A-frames of the swing set together. Cut cross braces out of the other two 4-by-4 foot posts at a 12-degree angle using a miter saw. This brace will fit between the A-frame. Fasten the pieces together and secure them with the nailer.

  4. Mark the top beam with a pencil to determine where the swings will go. Consult proper spacing instructions that come with the swings before drilling the holes with your electric drill.

  5. Put the A-frames into their respective holes and brace them. Use an A-bar swing bracket to bolt the legs together. Set the top rail into the bracket and bolt it to the bracket.

  6. Pour concrete mix into the holes and wait until it solidifies. Drill holes through the sides of the A-frame posts into the beam to secure it. Attach the swings by following the instructions for that particular type of swing set.