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How to Print on a Mat Board

Brenda Barron

Mat board has a variety of uses. It is most often associated with the material that surrounds a piece of artwork within a frame. When chosen in the right color and cut, mat board can add to artwork. However, it can be a bit plain.

Simple templates can help you print on mat board.

Thankfully, you can print on mat board to add a bit of designer flair or to specify the name of the piece in the frame.

  1. Pick a design to print on your mat board. Sketch out ideas and concepts. Once you have a good concept, redraw it onto a sheet of card stock, close to the center of sheet.

  2. Use a sharp craft knife to carefully cut the design out so you're left with the card stock intact with only the design cut out. Place this cardboard sheet on top of your mat board where you want to print the design. Tape down the outer corners.

  3. Dip one edge of the sponge in your paint. Scrape the edge of the sponge on the opening of the paint jar to get rid the excess.

  4. Dab the paint onto the exposed mat board with the card stock taped to it. Tap along the edge of the card stock template and then tap more paint to fill in any gaps or missed spots.

  5. Remove the painter's tape and carefully lift the card stock template off the mat board. Leaving the template on until the paint dries can have bad results. Set your mat board aside and allow the paint to fully dry before working on it any more.