How to Transport Prefab Granite Slabs

Joshua Kinser

Prefabricated granite slabs are useful for countertops and other interior and exterior design applications. Prefabricated slabs are conveniently precut to fit the area where they will be installed.

Prefab granite used for kitchen counters needs to be handled with care,

You can transport prefab slabs using an A frame support secured to the bed of a truck with the slabs tightly strapped and fastened to the support frame. Granite prefab slabs are very heavy and you should transport them carefully. The process can be dangerous as well as damaging to the granite if you don't observe necessary processes.

  1. Construct or buy an A frame support to place in the back of a truck. Fasten or strap the A frame support to the bed of the truck.

  2. Carefully load the granite slabs vertically into the bed of the truck and lean the prefab slabs onto the A frame support. Move the slabs with the thinnest side of the slab facing the ground. Distribute weight loads evenly onto the A frame support to keep the A frame and the truck from becoming dangerously overloaded and unbalanced on one side. Some excessively heavy and large prefab slabs may require a crane to lift the slabs and place them onto the A frame support. Make sure that the truck’s hauling load capacity is adequate.

  3. Strap the granite prefab slabs to the A frame support, using tie straps with wenches. Many truck beds have slots near the top of both ends of the truck bed where you can place tie strap S hooks for secure strapping. Tighten the tie straps as tight as you can.

  4. Transport the prefab granite slabs to the site of installation. Drive carefully and slowly around corners and turns to reduce the risk of damaging the granite and to keep the truck from tipping over.

  5. Untie and unload the prefab granite slabs. Make sure not to stand in the position in which the granite slab would fall during the unloading and untying.