How to Clean Wax From Granite

Mary Love

Granite is considered to be a low maintenance surface for kitchens and bathrooms. It does, however, require special cleaning if wax is dripped on its surface.

Candles can set the mood for a romantic evening or holiday celebrations, but if wax drips onto your beautiful granite countertop, your mood can quickly change. To preserve the lustrous finish of your stone surface, you must clean up the wax quickly. Because candle wax is oil-based and granite is porous, take immediate action to prevent a candle's oily stain from becoming permanent.

Remove Thickest Wax

Place an ice cube over the hardened wax for a minute or two. Remove the ice and use a plastic scraper to chip the cold, brittle wax off the granite. If the area is large, you might need to use additional ice cubes and continue chipping the wax off the stone. Repeat this process until you have removed all of the wax. Brush the chipped shavings with paper towels from the counter and discard them.


If you don't have a plastic scraper, substitute a plastic card. The edge can be used to effectively chip off the wax and it won't damage the surface of the stone.


Avoid abrasive scrubbers, cleaners and stain-removal sponges that can scratch and dull the polished finish on your granite.

Remove Oily Residue

Inspect your granite for dull marks left by the wax. The oil from the candle wax can leave a residue on the stone's finish and work itself into its surface. Spritz the marks with a commercial granite cleaner. Rub the areas in a circular motion with a clean, soft cloth to clean; buff the surface to a shine. Repeat as often as necessary.


  • Wood alcohol -- methyl hydrate -- is also an effective cleaner for granite that does not damage the stone. Use plenty of clean water when rinsing off methyl hydrate from the surface. * Seal the granite's porous top with a stone sealer at least annually, if not more, based on the activity in your home, to keep it protected from grease and oil stains or discoloration from dark red or grape fruit juices.


  • Do not apply acetone or acidic cleaners that can damage a stone's polished finish.
  • If your granite has not been properly sealed, the porous stone will absorb oil from the wax and will result in a dark stain. This will require the help of professionals who are equipped to deal with deep stains.