How to Rejuvenate and Restore Wood

Wood is extremely strong and durable, which is why it’s used for flooring, furniture and other things around the house. Over time, though, wood loses some of its natural shine and luster. Spills that aren’t cleaned up right away leave behind water marks and even minor use of the wood causes scratches.

Floors remain this shiny with proper care.

When you restore and rejuvenate the wood, you remove those problems and leave behind wood that looks shiny and natural.

  1. Combine the distilled white vinegar and vegetable oil in a spray bottle and shake it lightly to mix them.

  2. Spray the mixture on the wood and rub it into the surface with a cotton cloth. Work on small areas at a time, spraying the mixture and rubbing it into the wood. Not only does it clean, but it also conditions the wood.

  3. Identify any water marks or stains on the hardwood. Lightly rub a piece of medium grade sandpaper around on the wood, rubbing away the mark. Work the sandpaper along the grain of the wood, gently buffing away the stain.

  4. Apply a thin coat of wood stain to the wood. Give the wood a few minutes to absorb the stain and then wipe off the liquid. Add additional coats until the sanded wood areas match the rest of the wood. Then, apply a coat of clear stain to the wood.

  5. Rub wood oil or wood soap into all areas of the wood, using a soft cloth. Let the oil dry on the wood. Wood oil is designed to rejuvenate wood and make it look shiny again. It restores the shine to wood and it’s safe enough to use frequently.

  6. Tip

    Look for wood polish in a spray can, if you can’t find wood oil. It takes just a few minutes to spray and polish the wood.