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Uses for Old Wood Stoves

Hannah Wahlig

Wood stoves were once the standard for both home heating and cook top surfaces, but many old wood stoves are missing parts or unsafe to be used for indoor burning. Before your throw out your old wood stove, consider repurposing it into a decorative piece for your home interior or a functional outdoor stove.

Repurpose an old wood stove to reuse in your home or backyard.


If you are the type of person who loves barbecue, consider transforming your old wood stove into a backyard smoker. Turning a wood stove into a smoker requires some knowledge of building; depending on the exact design of your stove and your desired final look, you may need to construct a fireproof cabinet on top of the stove to hang your meat. Another option is to use the wood stove as the smoker box and attach a section of metal tubing from either the top or side pipe of the wood stove into a separate compartment for smoking; an insulated metal trash can with an attachment port for the pipe is large enough to smoke several whole racks of meet.

Planter Box

Even a stove that is rusted or damaged can be transformed into a decorative and useful planter. If the belly of the stove has a solid bottom, shade-loving plants and flowers planted directly into the stove add color to an otherwise dark piece of decor. Some wood stoves can be separated into top and bottom sections, so if you prefer an open-top planter simply remove the top section of your planter. If the firebox if your wood stove is rusted out and unsuitable for plants, line several container pots along the top of the stove instead.

Outdoor Fire Pit

If the damage to your old stove is largely isolated to the top surface of your wood stove, removing the top still leaves a useful piece of equipment. Transfer the stove outdoors to your patio and you have an open fire pit for outdoor entertaining. Fire pits are especially effective options for your stove if it features decorative bowed legs.