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How to Identify an Old Magic Chef Gas Range

Jennifer Eblin

Magic Chef makes a number of appliances for the home, including microwaves, refrigerators, freezers and smaller counter appliances. The company formerly made gas stoves and ranges, which Maytag now sells under its name, as well as stoves for campers and recreational vehicles. Identifying an old Magic Chef stove is slightly easier than identifying other brands because the company marked the stoves in several ways.

Step 1

Check the front of the stove carefully, looking at the handle and any other areas. Magic Chef used the company’s name and logo on the front of all stoves. You may only find part of the original logo or label if the stove suffered any damage in the past.

Step 2

Open the drawer on the front of the stove, which Magic Chef refers to as the roll-out storage drawer. Find the small metal plate screwed or glued to the inside front of the drawer.

Step 3

Look for a combination of letters and numbers on the top of the plate, such as CGS1230 or CGS1740. Maytag recalled stoves with those model numbers, as well as models CGS3760, MGS5770 and MGS5870. Even if the company did not recall your model, you should still find a model number listed on the plate.

Step 4

Read the number located underneath the model number. The number should end with a two-letter combination, such as WW, or WU. This second set of numbers is the serial number for the gas range. Maytag recalled stoves with a YH, YF, YB, WY, WW and WU serial number.

Step 5

Visit the Customer Support section of the Magic Chef website and fill out the short form, including where you purchased the stove, the model number and serial number. Write a short note indicating that you want validation that the stove is a Magic Chef piece.