How to Make a Schoolbus Out of Cardboard

Kelly Sundstrom

If your child is about to start school for the first time, you can make the transition easier by providing your child with crafts projects related to school. For example, you can help your child understand what a school bus is by making a school bus with him out of cardboard.

You can make a school bus craft out of a shoe box and art supplies.

Once the bus is finished, your child can play with the school bus to get used to the idea of riding in one.

  1. Glue the the top and bottom of a cardboard shoe box together. Allow the glue to dry.

  2. Cut out four 4-inch circles from cardboard.

  3. Paint the shoe box using yellow paint. Allow the paint to dry.

  4. Paint a windshield and a back window using white paint on the short sides of the shoe box.

  5. Paint the bus windows on either side of the school bus using white paint. Allow the paint to dry.

  6. Paint the cardboard circles with black paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. These will be the wheels of the bus

  7. Glue the wheels onto the bus, placing one wheel 1 inch from each corner of the shoe box.

  8. Paint detailing onto the bus, such as hub caps, door outlines, and window outlines, using silver squeezable puff paint. Allow the paint to dry completely before playing with the school bus.