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How to Remove Glitter From Skin

Kathy Adams

Glitter has a way of clinging to everything that comes near it, including your hands. Just brushing it off may not do the trick, and, before long, the glitter becomes a major annoyance. Gather up a few items from around the house, such as masking tape and hand lotion, to get rid of that glitter once and for all.

Glitter wears out its welcome when it won't wash off your hands.

A Sticky Situation

You may not be able to pick individual specks of glitter off your hand, but tape can. Wrap a strip of masking tape or package tape around the fingers on one hand, sticky-side facing out. Pat the glittery areas on your other hand with the tape until all or most of the glitter transfers to the tape. Avoid using extremely sticky tapes such as duct tape, as they may stick to your skin. A tape-style lint roller may also remove some glitter. Glide the lint roller over your hand to remove glitter.

Lotion Lubrication

Rub a moderate amount of hand or body lotion over your hands, covering the glitter. Wipe the lotion away while it's still wet, using a soft cloth or paper towels. Lotion lubricates both your skin and the glitter, temporarily hindering glitter's ability to cling. If the glitter doesn't come off on the first try, apply more lotion, specifically over the glittered areas. Wipe the wet lotion off again, or rinse it off in a sink.

Make It Move With Makeup Remover

Apply a gentle, oil-based makeup remover or eye-makeup remover over the glittered portion of your hands, rinsing the substance away after a minute or so. Since makeup removers vary from brand to brand, read the package directions to maximize your chances of success.

Oil Treatment

If you've tried several methods and still can't get off all the glitter, rub a gentle skin-friendly oil such as baby oil or olive oil over the affected areas, wiping the oil off with a paper towel. Apply the oil several times if the glitter doesn't come off right away; then wash your hands with soap and water to remove the oil.