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How to Remove Dog Hair From Fleece

Zach Lazzari

Dog hair loves binding and sticking to fleece clothing and blankets. Removing the hair is often difficult and requires the use of adhesives, water and washing cycles. Minimizing contact between the fleece and your dog will save time when you clean your fleece garments.

Use a different material than fleece for your dog blankets.

Regular grooming during the shedding season is also helpful.


Tape is a good method of removing hair from the surface of fleece. You can purchase a roller pre-wrapped with tape that is specifically designed for removing hair and debris from clothing. Another option is using painters tape to blot the fabric and remove hair. Experiment with different strength tapes to find the best strength for the fleece you own.


Use the tube extension on a vacuum to remove hair. Comb over the material several times until you can't remove any more. Vacuums work well on the surface, but they struggle to remove hair that is woven into the fibers. If the fleece has long-time exposure to dog hair, the vacuum may not work.

Rubber Gloves and Water

Rubber gloves are an effective tool for gathering the fur and removing it from the fleece. Wear a rubber glove and lay the fleece on a flat surface. Comb the glove across the surface to remove the hair. For stubborn spots, add a little water and continue combing with the glove.

Grooming Your Dog

Groom your dog on a regular basis to reduce the amount of hair on your blankets. Comb the dog with a high-quality brush weekly to capture loose hair before it hits your house. Also keep your fleece in an area where the dog has little opportunity to lay and rub on the material.