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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Upholstery

Stevie Donald

If your dog rides in your car, chances are, you get dog hair embedded in the upholstery, and vacuuming alone won't get it out. Even if you use a blanket or car seat cover, dog hair can get stuck on the door panels and headliner. There are some good tricks to getting dog hair out of upholstery.


Pet-hair rollers are not sticky enough to pick up embedded dog hair.


Routine vacuuming will pick up loose hair before it becomes embedded in the fabric and carpeting. Many car seat covers are specifically designed for transporting dogs, to help protect the upholstery from muddy paws and dog fur.

  1. Mist the upholstery lightly with a 50-50 mix of liquid fabric softener and water. Don't soak the fabric; get it slightly damp to stop the static-cling effect.

  2. Put on a rubber glove and rub the upholstery in circular and back-and-forth motions. The rubber pulls the embedded hair out of the fabric weave. You will end up with little piles and clumps of dog hair and other fibers that have been stuck in the fabric.

  3. Vacuum the loose dog hair.

  4. Press duct tape or packing tape firmly into crevices and other places you can't reach, using a putty knife or anything thin enough to get all the way down. Repeat until the tape stops picking up hair.

  5. Follow the directions on the label of the spray upholstery cleaner. Typically, you spray the cleaner on the upholstery or carpeting, then blot and wipe with clean rags.