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How to Remove Dog Hair From Blankets

Zach Lazzari

Removing dog hair from most blankets is possible with a few easy steps. Wool and woven material require extra effort but most blankets are easy to clean.

Dog hair is a nuisance to blankets and requires some work to separate the two. Some materials are easy to clean while others require intensive efforts to remove the hair. Use specific blankets for your dogs and keep them separate from nice garments that you want to remain dog hair-free.

Adhesive Rollers

Rollers with disposable adhesive backing are an excellent tool for hair removal. Place the blanket on a hard surface and roll over until the adhesive strip is covered. Remove the strip to expose a fresh section of adhesive and continue until the hair is removed. As an alternative, use a simple piece of household adhesive tape and blot the blanket to grab and remove fur. Both methods are also effective on clothing.

Rubber Gloves

Use a rubber glove to easily remove hair from fleece. Lay the blanket on a table and place the glove on your hand. Wipe the glove across the blanket and it will gather the hair. Dip the glove in water for stubborn spots. The water helps the glove grip hair. Dispose of the hair as you work through the entire blanket.

Washing Cycles

Remove as much hair as possible with alternative methods then follow with a wash cycle. Place the blankets in a dryer with dryer sheets to remove hair via the lint trap. Use multiple drying and fluff cycles to capture hair in the lint trap repeatedly. Clean the trap between each cycle to make space for more hair.

Prevention and Containment

Prevent dog hair from reaching your nice blankets by covering furniture and areas of contact with dog specific blankets. Replace with your nice blankets when you have company and want to provide a clean look. Also vacuum carpet regularly and sweep wood floors to capture hair before it sticks to blankets and clothing. Take the dog to an outdoor area weekly and brush to remove the hair before it reaches your home.

Static Electricity

Use static electricity to easily remove hair from blankets. Rub a dryer sheet over the blanket to grab hair. Also consider rubbing an inflated balloon against the blanket to capture and dispose of hair.