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How to Remove Lint From Wool

H.C. Hisel

Wool easily attracts lint, and removing it can be a challenge. Caring for wool can be difficult because the fabric is easily damaged. There are a few ways to remove lint from wool safely, using affordable items that can be found at any drugstore. Use static guard to prevent recurring bouts with lint.

Remove Lint From Wool
  1. Gently brush the wool with a velvet lint brush.

  2. Use an electric lint remover. An electric lint remover is like a miniature vacuum that gently sucks lint from your clothing. Hang your wool material on a hanger or towel rack and vacuum the material as you would a carpet.

  3. Mist water over the entire wool garment with a spray bottle. Gently scrub the problem areas with a washcloth. Use a washcloth with rough material that won't cause more lint. The water will lift the lint and allow you to brush it off with gentle scrubbing.

  4. Use duct tape to remove the lint. Duct tape is usually the easiest way to remove lint from wool, but it should be your last resort. On occasion, duct tape can slightly damage wool causing the material to frizz. Wrap duct tape upside down around the palm of your hand, so that the sticky side is away from your palm. Gently pat down the lint continually until it lifts from the wool. Wrap new tape around your palm until you have removed all of the lint.

  5. Spray static guard on your wool material.

  6. Warning

    Avoid using sticky-roll lint brushes, which can cause the wool to frizz.