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How to Cut Cedar Shingles

Samantha Volz

As types of wood go, cedar is a relatively soft wood that is light but durable, making it a viable option for installations such as shingles on homes. Part of the installation process often includes cutting the shingles to fit in place in corners or against other shingles in your layout.

Because cedar is such a soft wood, you can cut it using a simple utility knife.

  1. Wear protective gloves and goggles when cutting wood to guard against any dust or splinters.

  2. Turn the shingle face-down on a stable cutting surface. Trace the cutting line with a pencil on the back of the board so that you will not be able to see any pencil marks when the shingle is installed.

  3. Slice down the cut line with a sharp utility knife. This will create a small score line in the shingle surface.

  4. Gently work the two edges of the shingle back and forth until the shingle snaps along the scored cut line. If necessary, deepen the cut line with multiple passes from the utility knife.