How to Get Green Fungus Off My Sidewalk

Daniella Lauren

Fungus occurs on sidewalks when water pools up and the sun cannot dry the area. Although many fungi are green, they are not a part of the plant family. Fungus grows by absorbing the nutrients from their surroundings -- in this case, water and other organic matter found on the cement.

Not only does green fungus on a sidewalk look disgusting, it can also make walking on the sidewalk dangerous. You can correct this issue, and help prevent future occurrences, with a common household cleaning solution.

  1. Mix 1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon water or, for a more eco-friendly solution, 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon water. Either solution will kill and remove the fungus.

  2. Dip the deck brush into the solution. Scrub the affected areas with the deck brush, applying enough pressure to kill and remove the fungus.

  3. Spray the cleaned area with the garden hose to wash away the loose fungus you cleaned off the sidewalk. Check the area to make sure you eliminated all the fungus; repeat the scrubbing process if necessary.

  4. Tip

    A power washer will also work when cleaning fungus from a sidewalk. However, you may have to rent one, which will increase the cost of this home project. Spray the loose fungus away from plants, shrubs, grass and trees. Bleach cleaning solutions can be harmful to your landscape.


    Use only bleach or only vinegar in your fungus-killing solution. Do not mix the two or you could produce a toxic gas.