Home Kitchen Fire Recovery

Mary Thomsen

A home kitchen fire upsets more than just your emotions. If your kitchen gets damaged by a fire, think about safety first and then deal with the aftermath in a planned, intelligent manner.

Knowing what to do will help after a kitchen fire.

Immediate Action

Be sure of your safety before re-entering your damaged home or kitchen, and watch for smoke, hot spots and dangers from the burned structure and contents, the Federal Emergency Management Agency warns.

Cleaning Up

You will need to clean any salvaged kitchen items thoroughly. FEMA recommends washing cookware and dishes in soapy water and then using a gentle cleaning powder to polish them. Delicate metals, such as brass or copper, require copper polish or salt moistened with vinegar or lemon juice. Appliances likely suffered water damage, so do not attempt to use them unless they clear an inspection by an expert. Most foods would have become unsafe from heat and chemical exposure, the federal Food Safety and Inspection Service notes.

Restoration Plans

FEMA urges caution when hiring a firm promising to restore your home or kitchen after a fire. Get the payment terms clearly up front from the inspection company and your insurer, and know what you are getting from each.