How to Childproof Your Heater Vents

Dawn Gibbs

Childproofing your home involves modifying existing furniture, appliances and other aspects of your house to prevent injury to small children. Heater vents are openings, usually situated in the floor, through which hot air flows.

A child can also easily pull off most vent covers, allowing them to insert objects into the vent shaft. This also exposes them to sharp metal or screws. You will need to childproof these vents.

  1. Purchase the correct screw-on cover for your vents. If you have a floor vent that sits flush with the floor surface, a flat vent cover is appropriate. Select a vent cover with slats that are close enough together that your child cannot stick his fingers in them.

  2. Position the cover over the vent so the edges are flush against the opening.

  3. Locate the screw holes in the vent cover and mark their location with a pencil. Remove the vent cover and drill the screw holes.

  4. Replace the vent cover in its correct position and secure it with screws.

  5. Tip

    To access the floor vents for cleaning, remove the screws and pull off the vent cover.