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Difference Between a Captain's Bed and a Twin

Heather Montgomery

If you are searching for a twin size bed for a children's room or guest room, you may be confused about the difference between a regular twin bed and a captain’s bed. While both bed styles use a twin size mattress, they do have some differences in construction and appearance.


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A captain’s bed is set on a platform often making it sit higher off the ground than a regular twin bed. The height may not be a problem for older children, but you may need to consider the ease of getting into the bed if you are shopping for a toddler or smaller child.


Captain’s beds often have drawers or doors that turn the platform construction into a convenient storage space. You can place clothes, linens and toys into the bed platform. While you can also store items under a standard twin bed, you are limited to the height of the bed frame.


While most standard twin beds require a mattress and a box spring, a captain’s bed just needs a mattress. Instead of a box spring the mattress in a captain’s bed lays on top of the wooden platform.


With a standard twin bed you can use a dust ruffle to hide the frame from view. A dust ruffle is not needed for a captain’s bed.