How to Raise the Height of My Mattress

Christina Delegans-Bunch

Choosing an appropriate sized mattress for a bed frame often becomes a challenge. Even if the mattress is the same size as the bed frame, that does not guarantee an ideal fit. Mattresses come in a variety of sizes with a wide range of heights.

Many times a mattress is too low and requires a box spring underneath for additional support. Box springs also raise the height of a mattress, making the bed more comfortable.

  1. Use a measuring tape to record the height of the mattress. Decide what height you want the mattress. Keep in mind that bedding such as a mattress pad, sheets and a comforter add to the height of a mattress. Add an additional 2 to 3 inches to the height of the mattress to accommodate the bedding. Subtract the actual height of the mattress plus the bedding from the desired measurement.

  2. Bring a tape measure to the store when looking at box springs. Make sure the size of the box spring matches the size of the mattress. Consider the differences between a low-profile box spring, which typically is 5 to 6 inches high, and a high-profile box spring, which has a standard measurement of 9 inches in height. Select a box spring that closely matches the desired measurement for the ideal height of the mattress.

  3. Remove the mattress from the bed frame or lift the mattress off the floor if a bed frame is not used. Carefully tilt the mattress to its side and prop against a wall or a solid object that can support its weight. Take the wrapping off the box springs. Lift the box springs onto their side and slide toward the bed frame or spot for the bed on the floor.

  4. Lower the box springs slowly onto the bed frame or floor. Adjust the box springs to fit into the bed frame. Maneuver the mattress over to the box springs. Lift the mattress onto the box springs. Check the position of the mattress. Make adjustments as needed so it lines up with the box spring. Use the bedding to make the bed.

  5. Tip

    Using a bed skirt helps to hide the box spring from view, making the bed more aesthetically pleasing. Using a bigger size blanket than the bed requires is one way of disguising the box springs. Sometimes mattresses come in a set with a box spring included. Box springs act like shock absorbers, which increases support and comfort while sleeping.


    To avoid a back injury, ask someone to help you lift the mattress and box spring. Always carry mattresses and box springs flat on their side. Bend with your knees to keep pressure off your back.