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Novaform Mattress Instructions

Olivia Emisar

Novaform mattresses are made by Sleep Innovations and sold through many retailers in the United States, including Costco, BJ's and Sam's Club warehouses. Novaform mattresses are made of a high-density memory foam that was developed for NASA in 1996 to to provide astronauts relief from G-forces in space. Unlike a regular mattress, memory foam mattresses require some time to properly set up before they can be used.

Novaform mattresses provide cushioned support.

Step 1

Remove the mattress from the box and unroll the contents top side up atop a platform bed or box spring. Cut the plastic rings that hold the mattress into a roll and lay flat atop the bed. Carefully cut a slit with scissors into the plastic wrap and pull the plastic away from the mattress.

Step 2

Allow the mattress to fully decompress. Novaform mattresses are compressed at the factory for easy shipping and must be allowed to decompress for 48 to 72 hours at room temperature to reach their full decompressed height of 10 inches or 12 inches. Using the mattress before it is fully decompressed could create an uneven sleeping surface.

Step 3

Keep the room well-ventilated while the mattress is decompressing. Novaform mattresses have a chemical odor caused by the foam materials used. Decompressing the mattress and allowing it to air out for a few days will eliminate the odor.