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How to Insert the Ozark Pump End Into the Air Mattress

Alexandra Romanov

Adding extra sleeping space is as simple as setting up an air mattress. An air mattress along with the pump used for inflation can be stored in a small space and taken out immediately prior to use. After use, the air mattress can be deflated and folded for storage. Inflating an air mattress is done via a manual pump or an electric pump.

Step 1

Unpack the air mattress. Lay the mattress right side up and locate the air valve. The valve will be located at either the head or foot of the bed, along the side.

Step 2

Select the proper valve fitting. The Ozark air pump comes with several nozzle attachments so that it can be used will most airbeds on the market. Choose the fitting that fits most snugly into the air valve on the mattress. This should be a snug, but not forced fitting.

Step 3

Insert the pump fitting into the valve. When the proper size is used, the fitting will be snug enough that it will hold itself in place.

Step 4

Use the Ozark pump to inflate the air mattress.