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How to Use an Air Compressor

Michele Martinez

Using an air compressor is not that difficult. Of course if you have never used an air compressor you probably are clueless as to how one works.

Use an Air Compressor
  1. Attach the hose to the compressor. Then attach the accessory that you will be using such as blow gun, pressure gage, tire inflater or any special attachment that you wish to use.

  2. Plug the air compressor into an electrical outlet and allow the compressor to pump air into the tank. After the compressor has reached its preset pressure it will automatically shut off and will be ready to use.

  3. Squeeze the trigger to allow the compressed air to come out and into the tire or into the item that you need the compressed air for. Hold the trigger down and allow the air to steadily go into where the air is needed.

  4. Recharge the air compressor by allowing the compressor to sit without use. Your compressor will make a noise when it is charging. As stated before in step two the compressor will automatically shut off when it has reached its preset limit.

  5. Repeat this procedure until you are done using the air compressor. There is no limit to how many times in a day that you can recharge and use your air compressor.


• Using an air compressor to blow dust out of a fan is another way of using an air compressor.