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My Aerobed Mattress Has a Leak

Gail Sessoms

Aerobeds are vinyl, inflatable mattresses that serve as extra bedding. Aerobed inflatable mattresses have built-in pumps and the company notes that it has improved the speed of inflation and deflation. Aerobed reports that its mattresses are sturdy and comfortable when fully inflated and leak-free. Leaks in the Aerobed mattress are repairable. Aerobed provides instructions for repairing leaks that occur in different parts of the mattress.

Air Release Valve Leakage

Air leakage from the air release valve is one of the types of leaks that Aerobed describes. Aerobed recommends correcting this problem by removing the black plastic round gasket located inside of the air release valve cover. Different mattress models have a while silicone gasket. After removing the gasket, rinse it in warm water for about 10 minutes, allow it to cool and dry it with a towel. Reinstall the gasket inside of the valve cover. The U-shaped side of the gasket should face into the valve cover. After leaving the valve cover open for about 30 minutes, close the cover and inflate the mattress.

Mattress Puncture

Air leakage from your Aerobed mattress might be caused by a puncture in mattress. If you do no know where the leak is, use the soapy water method to find the leak. Inflate the mattress fully, apply soapy water made from dishwashing liquid to the seams and other places that might be the location of the leak. Bubbles should appear at the location of the leak. Avoid getting the soapy water in the built-in pump. Aerobed recommends a vinyl repair kit for repairing the mattress. You can purchase a vinyl repair kit from hardware stores or hardware departments in larger stores. The kit will provide instructions for repairing puncture holes, tears or other damage to the mattress.

Air Loss

The loss of air in your inflatable mattress might be caused by air contraction or material expansion, two perfectly natural occurrences with air beds. Contraction occurs when the heat created by compressed air cools off and contracts. Once the pumped air in the mattress cools off, the mattress loses air. Material expansion occurs when the air bed is inflated to its full volume and stretching occurs from use of the bed. Correct contraction and expansion by topping off the air in the mattress.

Improper Inflation

If your Aerobed mattress will not inflate properly and there does not seem to be a puncture, the cause might be an open air release valve. Close the air release valve tightly by using both of your thumbs to push the valve cover into the valve and snap it closed. Aerobed also suggests that is your inflatable mattress is not inflating properly, you should make sure that the air pump is plugged in and operating correctly.