How to Buy and Install an Air Mattress Replacement Valve Cover

Dawn Roberts

You have an air mattress, and you are prepared to head into the great outdoors or just fill it up so that Uncle Arnie can sack out in the living room while he is in town for a few days.

There are many air mattresses manufactured around the world. This type, made by Coleman, can be used both indoor or outdoors.

The only problem is that the mattress will not hold air because you lost the valve cover, the plastic piece that prevents air from escaping. To help you find a replacement, we will look at different models and manufacturers and several venues where to buy this replacement.

  1. Determine what type of air mattress you own. While there are some "one size fits all" valve covers available, knowing exactly what kind you have might help you obtain a cover with a better fit. The name of your air mattress could be in one of several places, including on the valve cover, next to the seam near the valve and on the side of the mattress itself.

  2. Visit the website of the manufacturer for your particular model. Many manufacturers sell replacement pieces for their products on their websites. (If you have not located the name of the manufacturer for your air mattress, proceed to Step 3.) For example, parts for the Original Aerobed can be found at thinkaero.com. Coleman, a company that makes many supplies related to camping, also sells an air mattress. Replacement parts for their products are found at coleman.com (see Resources section).

  3. Buy a universal valve cover if you cannot determine the name of the company that manufactured your air mattress. Two companies offering such items online are inflateus.com and waterbeddoctor.com (see Resources section). Because most valves are round, the universal valve cover replacement will be round as well and resemble a large version of a soda bottle cap.

  4. Read all instructions that accompany the replacement valve cover. The piece you received is a replacement part that is used for many different models. Be aware that there may be a gasket needed for the proper fit.

  5. Fill your mattress with air. Then place the valve cover on the air mattress valve. If air leaks, use the gaskets that accompanied the replacement valve cover to create a tight seal.

  6. Tip

    There are many ways in which a cap could be attached to an air mattress to prevent its loss or damage while in storage. For example, tie a piece of yarn around the loop on the cap and then to the valve on the mattress. Manufacturers may also offer a form in the original product packaging with which to order replacement parts. Auction sites such as ebay.com are possible locations to find replacement air mattress valve covers.


    When using replacement valves, be sure to properly identify the manufacturer and model number of your air mattress if at all possible. Then, use only manufacturer-approved replacement parts. Failure to use the parts suggested by the maker of the item could void any warranty.