Air Won't Come Out of My AeroBed

Suzanne Burns

If air will not come out of an inflated AeroBed mattress, this is a malfunction of the Quick Release Valve. Consumers can order these valves and follow simple instructions to remove the faulty valve and replace it with a new one.

Remove the Defective Air Valve

  1. Unplug the bed from your electrical outlet before deflating.

  2. Locate the Quick Release Valve at the base, or foot, of your AeroBed.

  3. Locate the tab latch on your air valve. The latch wil lbe surrounded by a rim of black vinyl.

  4. Peel back the soft vinyl rim. This will expose hard black plastic.

  5. Lift this plastic, which surrounds the outer edge of the valve, towards the center of the air valve hole.

Install the New Air Valve

  1. Open the valve tab on the replacement air valve.

  2. Position the hinge area of the valve onto the hinge support.

  3. With both hands squeeze the softer vinyl rings that rim the air valve hole. Be sure to squeeze these rings towards the center of the air mattress opening.

  4. Shove the air mattress vinyl through the opening of the new Quick Release Valve.

  5. Check the vinyl for any kinks or bulging areas by doing both a visual assessment and also by rubbing your hands over the area around the new valve.


Use a hair dryer on low for 20 seconds to soften the hard black plastic around the air release valve, if it does not feel pliable enough to bend or move.


Keep your receipts. AeroBeds will not be covered by a warranty without proof of purchase, which can only be obtained with the original receipt.