Installation Guide for a Pentair Valve Actuator

Pool and spar automated control systems allow owners to program water flow direction through a series of components, including pool-side remote switches, wired and wireless computer interface control panels, telephone remote control and valve actuators.

Valve Actuator Installation

Pentair valve actuators are specifically designed to mount on a 3-port Compool, Ortega or Jandy PTV2Y valves. Penatir valve actuators feature maximum torque with a 24-VAC bi-directional motor, which operates automatically to initiate the valve on a preset time table. It prevents dead-heating of pumps and includes a corrosion-proof enclosure. Additionally, a service switch enables water flow direction throughout the pool.

Locate the pool's valve and remove the mounting screws from the knob, handle and valve cover with a Phillips screwdriver.

Align the valve actuator's splines over the valve's shaft. Rotate the valve actuator (for models with missing mounting holes), making sure that it stays connected to the valve's shaft, until the actuator aligns perfectly over the valve's shaft.

Attach four mounting screws provided with the valve actuator's assembly to the valve's cover. Use self-tapping screws to mount the knob and handle to the valve actuator.

Plug the valve actuator cord into the power circuit board assigned to the relevant valve actuator outlet.

Locate and adjust the switch on the back of the valve actuator that sets between the ON1 and ON2 positions if a valve actuator misalignment occurs.

Valve Actuator Adjustment For Bypass

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the mounting screws on the knob, handle and valve actuator cover.

Locate and dislodge the lock nut with a pair of pliers, which allows you to move the adjustment cams. Adjust the upper cam to configure clockwise rotation stop point. Adjust the lower cam to configure counterclockwise rotation stop point.

Verify the new adjustments with the toggle switch located on the back of the valve actuator. Be sure to flip between the ON1 and ON2 positions.

Re-tighten the lock not, knob, handle and valve actuator cover.

Things You Will Need

  • Valve actuator assembly
  • Valve
  • Knob
  • Handle
  • Valve cover
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Four mounting screws (provided)
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Valve actuator cord
  • Lock nut
  • Pliers

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