How to Improve the Support of Bed Slats

Josh Weber

Providing supplemental support to bed slats can prevent sagging that may occur in mattresses. This article describes one simple method to add slat support and prevent this problem from occurring.

Improve the Support of Bed Slats
  1. Using a hand saw, cut four bed slats equal in length to the inside measurement of the mattress frame.

  2. Check for fit by placing the four boards in the mattress frame at 18-inch intervals.

  3. Measure the vertical distance from the bottom of each slat to the surface of the floor and record each measurement.

  4. Cut 2-inch by 2-inch board into 4 pieces equal in length to the measurements taken in Step 3.

  5. Locate the midpoint in width and length of each slat (cut in Step 1) and drill a through hole in the center using a 3/16-inch bit.

  6. Vertically center a 2-inch by 2-inch piece (cut in Step 4) beneath the hole drilled in each slat, and attach it to the slat using a 2-inch wood screw.

  7. Insert the slats with the 2-inch by 2-inch leg attached at 18-inch intervals in the mattress frame. This results in four bed slats with a center post (leg) supporting each slat at its center point.

  8. Tip

    Measure and fit each slat and each support leg prior to assembly as measurements may vary relative to slat location within the mattress frame.