How to Troubleshoot a Karcher Pressure Washer

Karcher is a German company started in 1935 by Alfred Karcher. In the beginning, Karcher produced electrical heaters and heating equipment, but by 1950 he had created and patented the very first high-pressure washer.

The company concentrated completely on cleaners by the middle of the 1970s and entered the consumer market with the first portable high-pressure washer in 1984.

  1. Fill the tank with gasoline and add oil if it is low if your engine will not start. Also, slide your choke lever to the “choke” position and move the throttle to “fast.” Squeeze the handle trigger to release any built up pressure.

  2. Replace your garden hose that feeds the water with a larger one, or check for bends and kinks in the one you have if the washer will not reach its highest pressure. Adjust your water supply so it is open completely if it isn’t open all the way.

  3. Inspect all of the fittings on the pressure washer to ensure they are air tight if you notice excessive noise or clanging during operation.

  4. Change the washer in your garden hose, check for kinks in the hose and ensure the hose and all fittings are air tight if you have a leak where the garden hose is attached.