How to Troubleshoot a Scunci Steamer

Joshua Duvauchelle

The Scunci Steamer is a handheld cleaning appliance made popular through various television infomercials. The steamer is designed to clean carpets, floors and hard surfaces using high-pressure steam. Even the best steaming product can malfunction.

Troubleshoot a Scunci Steamer

Learn how to troubleshoot the Scunci Steamer to resolve problems and get back to freshening carpets and cleaning your home.

  1. Give the Scunci Steamer time to heat up. Attempting to use the appliance before it has finished heating its interior reservoir might be the cause of poor cleaning results and erratic steam distribution. Plug the steamer into an electrical outlet and let it idle for 10 minutes before using.

  2. Clean out the Scunci Steamer's water reservoir if you notice strange smells while using the appliance. Open the reservoir's top and empty out any residual water. Pour in 1/3 cup white vinegar, then fill the rest of the reservoir with water. Run the steamer for a few minutes. Turn off and empty out the vinegar and water solution. The vinegar naturally sterilizes and deodorizes the internal mechanisms of the steamer without using harsh chemicals that might damage the steamer's plastic tubing.

  3. Switch from using tap water to distilled water if you notice mineral deposits building up in the nozzle or plastic tubing. Some residential areas have higher dissolved mineral levels than other areas, which quickly crystallize in the high-heat environment of the Scunci Steamer.

  4. Disassemble the plastic tubing, and check for clogs that might be preventing the steam from escaping. Disconnect the plastic tube from the steamer and any specialized nozzles you're using. Depending on the model of your Scunci Steamer, you might need a Phillips screwdriver to disengage the tubing from the appliance's body. Scrub out the tube ends if you notice debris or mineral buildups.

  5. Pre-clean the surface you are attempting to wash with the steamer if you are tackling a heavy cleaning job. The Scunci Steamer is not designed to clean high levels of grease or dirt, and it works best on smooth, flat surfaces. For best results, the manufacturer suggests wiping down all surfaces before using the steamer.

  6. Warning

    The steam from the Scunci Steamer can become very hot and might damage some types of hardwood flooring.