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Garage Extension Ideas

Charles Pearson
Table of Contents

Property owners usually use garages to store tools and cars so that they're kept away from the corrosive elements in nature, but garages have many other uses. Property owners have many options when expanding their garages regardless of how much space they have.

Garage expansion can free up space for cars.

If there is nowhere to go, property owners can always build upward.


Property owners who want to make room for an extra car will probably only need a slight expansion in the garage. Construction contractors will only need to knock out a wall and construct roof, wall and flooring expansions.

Living Quarters

Some property owners expand their garages so that they can use the garage for something else, such as extra living quarters or an entertainment space.

Connecting to the Home

If the home and garage are separate, the space between them can be utilized. This allows those in the home to travel to the car without stepping outside in the cold or heat during more extreme months. However, homeowners must make sure that they have proper security for the door so that intruders cannot get inside the home through the garage.

Loft Construction

When property owners do not have anywhere else to expand their garage, they can always build a space over the garage. While this space is not useful for storing cars, property owners can definitely use it for storing necessary but infrequently used tools. Construction contractors can also turn the upper space into an entertainment room or even a bedroom. Soundproofing insulation can eliminate the sounds of the car coming into the garage so that those sleeping in the bedroom aren't disrupted.

Garage Door

When expanding the garage to create more room for the cars, the property owner will need to decide how the new car will get into the garage. If the size of the garage is being doubled, the owner can always add a second garage door. However, if the project is only a small expansion that's barely large enough to fit another car, the owner might need to replace the garage door with a larger door. Property owners also get to choose between an electronic and a mechanically opened door. Electronically opened doors are easier to use, and property owners do not have to worry about power outages because these doors usually open manually as well.

Storage Space

Property owners who cannot expand their garage any further can still use the garage for storage space by installing racks, cabinets and peg boards.