How to Seal a Sliding Glass Door From the Inside for Winter

J. Johnson

A sliding glass door can be a very welcome element in some homes. It gives you the freedom to have more fresh air during the warm months of the year without having to worry about letting insects and other unwelcome elements inside.

A sliding glass door can be inefficient.

However, when winter comes, you might find that your sliding door lets in more air than you would like. This cold air makes your home less efficient. Luckily, you can seal the sliding glass door from the inside before the winter season starts.

  1. Inspect the track of your sliding glass door from the inside. Remove any large pieces of dirt or debris that might be blocking the track and creating air pockets.

  2. Use a caulking gun to seal the frame of your sliding glass door from the inside. This is an area that frequently lets in cold air in the winter.

  3. Apply an insulation panel to the glass of your sliding door. Check with the door manufacturer to see if this product is available.

  4. Hang insulating drapes inside your home above your sliding glass doors. When these drapes lay over the sliding door, they will help keep warm air inside and cold air outside during the winter.