Homemade Air Carbon Scrubber

Palmer Owyoung

An air carbon scrubber is a simple device that you can build yourself that will allow you to clean and deodorize the air using a carbon charcoal filter. You can make one from inexpensive parts purchased from your local hardware store. Once you have the items it shouldn't take more than an hour to put it together.

Installing your own carbon air filter can save you money and clean your air.

After installing the scrubber you will notice an immediate difference in the air quality.

  1. Connect the duct connector to the ventilation cap. It should slide in easily but fit snugly. This unit will fit into your ventilation area to help purify the air. If you would like to add more odor-removing charcoal the carbon filter pad provides, you can seal the bottom of the duct connector with tape. You can then pour bits of deodorizing charcoal into the connector before putting the ventilation cap on it.

  2. Cut a 12-by-12-inch square of aluminum screen using the scissors. The screen will need to cover the connecting piece but should leave about 1 inch at the top and 1 inch at the bottom. This will add strength and stability to the duct connector.

  3. Use the scissors to cut an 8-by-24-inch piece of the carbon pre-filter pad. The pad should be big enough to cover the duct connector and the aluminum screen. It contains the carbon that will help filter the air from odors and other impurities.

  4. Wrap the aluminum screen over the duct connector and secure it at the top, middle and bottom with the duct tape. Make you wrap the tape neatly, and do not cover the entire unit in tape as this will prevent the air from flowing through it.

  5. Position the carbon pre-filter pad on the aluminum screen. Tape the filter pad onto the aluminum screen at the top and bottom, but don't tape this entire part either; the tape here will also prevent air from passing through the device.

  6. Install the filter on your ventilation system by sliding it in and duct taping the ventilation cap to secure it into place. You can also tape the base of the unit down to add greater stability. Air flows through the carbon filter which removes the odors and impurities. The air then circulates through your ventilation ducts, leaving you with odor-free air.

  7. Warning

    Measurements here will differ depending on the size of your ventilation system.