Repair for Peeling Finish on a Bathtub

J. Johnson

The finish on your bathtub is not likely to last forever. Eventually, it will start to peel and need to be repaired. When certain areas around the tub start to peel, the best way to go about the repairs is to remove the finish and refinish the entire area.

Your bathtub can look as good as the day it was installed.

However, if you only have a limited amount of time or resources, you can use the same basic procedure to remove the finish in a small area and then replace it.

  1. Use a chemical bathroom cleaner to make sure the entire surface that needs to be repaired is free of mildew, soap scum and other debris. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

  2. Sand off the old, peeling finish of the bathtub with a palm sander. This is the best type of sander to use on a bathtub surface.

  3. Apply painter’s tape to areas on or around the bathtub that you don't want to refinish. This might include the wall or floor around the tub or areas of the tub around the spot that’s peeling, if you’re not refinishing the whole thing.

  4. Spray on a chemical adhesive to help the new finish adhere to the surface of your bathtub.

  5. Load the new bathtub finish into a paint spray gun. This will help you achieve an even coating. Use the spray gun to apply the finish and then let it dry. If the spot isn’t fully covered once it’s dry, apply a second coat.