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How to Install Tub Liners Yourself

Cindy Paterson

If you’re thinking about replacing your bathtub, whether due to damage or simply to remodel, you can also consider buying a bathtub liner instead. A bathtub liner is custom made to fit right over your tub. They can be made of acrylic, plastic, or PVC material and are available in a variety of colors to suit your look.

A tub liner can quickly refurbish your bathtub-- and make everyone happy.

Bathtub liners cost about half of what a new tub will cost, and you can install one yourself given the right tools and instructions.

  1. Clean the bath rigorously with a lime scale remover. Check for any signs of rot. If you do not remove rot, it will spread throughout a wall that has been covered by a liner.

  2. Place butyl tape sealant and silicone adhesive in the tub according to the liner instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. Set the liner into place over the tub.

  3. Insert caulk into the caulk gun and seal all around the liner edges. This step will seal out moisture.

  4. Insert drain and overflow cover fixtures that come with the bathtub liner. These should line up with the holes in the original tub. Do not use the liner for a day in order to let the seal bond.

  5. Tip

    Follow the bathtub liner instructions carefully. A liner that is not fitted properly may give way under enough pressure.


    Lime scale remover is toxic. Keep windows open during use.