How to Swag a Chandelier

Frank Whittemore

Simplify the process of hanging a small- to medium-sized chandelier by using the swag method of wiring. Swagging a chandelier uses a special toggle bolt to hold the chandelier on the ceiling. The toggle bolt has two spring-loaded brackets that automatically expand when placed through a hole in the ceiling.

Use toggle bolts to swag a chandelier.

The other end of the bolt holds an ornamental hook, to which to chandelier attaches. With a length of decorative chain to hold the electrical cord, some simple tools and an electrical socket close by, you can swag a chandelier in a matter of minutes.

  1. Mark the location where the chandelier will hang on the ceiling with a pencil. Mark the ceiling again, near the wall, above the chandelier electrical socket.

  2. Run a stud finder over the first mark to locate the nearest joist in the ceiling. If necessary, move the mark so that it clears the joist by around 3 inches. Adjust the other mark on the ceiling in the same manner, if needed.

  3. Make a 1/2-inch hole through the drywall at both marks on the ceiling with the electric drill.

  4. Turn the bracket on one of the toggle bolts until it is close to the end of the bolt. Close the toggle brackets and insert them through the hole in the ceiling where the chandelier will hang. Push the brackets through until the springs open on the other side of the drywall. Repeat this step with the other toggle bolt on the other hole.

  5. Screw the ornamental hook onto the visible end of the toggle bolt. Turn the hook until it is tight to the drywall on the ceiling. Repeat this step on the other toggle bolt with the other ornamental hook.

  6. Attach the decorative chain securely to the top of the chandelier. Thread the electrical cord through the links in the chain. Hook the chain just above the chandelier onto the first ornamental hook at the desired height. Hold the chain and cord up and hook a link of the chain onto the second ornamental hook to hold the electrical cord and chain up out of the way.

  7. Plug the chandelier cord into the electrical socket. The chandelier is ready to use.

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