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First Up Tent Instructions

Tammy Bronson

First Up canopy tents are lightweight shelters used by campers and picnickers. The First Up provides instant shade and, since it has no sides, allows a breeze to blow under the canopy. The most popular size canopy is 10-by-10 feet, but there are other sizes and styles available.

Canopy tents are easily assembled and come in a variety of styles.

The First Up canopy sets up in few easy steps, and once set up gives approximately 100 square feet of shade. At the center of the canopy there is a vent for air circulation. The First Up is also easily stored because it comes with a carry bag on wheels.

  1. Spread the canopy on the ground, laying it flat in the area you want to erect it. Lay it out as a square.

  2. Position the stakes 3-1/2 feet in front of the grommets on the canopy. It is important that you use two stakes at the corners of the canopy.

  3. Pound the stakes into the ground with a rubber mallet. Pound each stake into the ground only half its length.

  4. Count out the poles for the Tent. There are nine short poles and 10 long poles. Put together the legs for the tent. A leg uses one short and one long pole. Build the center pole for the tent using two long poles and one short pole. All poles either fit into a hard plastic fitting or into each other. Set one leg in front of each grommet around the tent.

  5. Stand one leg up at a time with the grommet placed over the spike at the end of the tent pole. As you raise the corner legs of the tent, have a friend tie with rope the two stakes to the top of the tent pole. Cross the ropes so that an “X” is formed when the stakes are pounded into the ground.

  6. Continue the process of standing up the tent poles all around the tent. Place the center pole in the middle of the inside of the canopy. Look for a hole in the middle of the tent to insert the pole.

  7. Tie the pole with rope from inside the canopy. Once all the legs are standing upright and tied off, use a hammer to finish pounding in the stakes.

  8. Tip

    It is easier to set up the First Up tent with a few friends to help.


    Don’t pound the stakes into the ground with the hammer too hard; you will break them off.