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What Kills Asian Beetles & Ladybugs?

Tammy Bronson

Ladybugs and the Asian lady beetle are not synonymous, but they are often mistaken for the other. The Asian lady beetle, not the lady bug, is to blame for infiltrating homes. The U.S. government throughout the 20th century to reduce infestations of tree-killing aphids imported the Asian lady beetle.

Lady bugs are similar in appearance to Asian lady beetles.

Both the lady bug and the Asian lady beetle eat aphids, keeping your garden healthy. Some gardeners order lady bugs and the Asian lady beetles to release in their garden to keep pests out.


Repairing screens helps keep Asian lady beetles and lady bugs outside.

The best way to kill lady bugs and the Asian lady beetles is to keep them from their heat source. Warmth attracts lady bugs and Asian lady beetles, so keeping them in an area outside where it is colder kills them. Sewing up all rips in screens will prevent the insects from entering your home for warmth. Do-it yourself screen repair is an inexpensive way to kill lady bugs and Asian lady beetles by freezing them in early spring when nights drop to chilling temperatures.

Doors and Windows

Sealing the siding on your house will trap and prevent new lady bugs and Asian lady beetles from entering. Lady bugs and Asian lady beetles enter a house through air vents, piping and rotten window sills. These insects seek indoor places for nesting where there is an ample food source and warm temperatures.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth creates a perimeter around your home that will eliminate lady bugs and Asian lady beetles. Diatomaceous earth is a pest deterrent made of fossilized algae. Diatomaceous earth is razor sharp and kills the insect by cutting their insides. The exoskeleton of the insect dehydrates as a result of the internal cuts and dies. Diatomaceous earth kills earwigs as well. Diatomaceous earth is a natural pesticide, safe for the environment and multi-functional for ridding your home of other unwanted insects.


Long-lasting pesticides help deter lady bug and Asian lady beetle migration. Long-lasting pesticides like pyrethrin and pyrethroid stay on exterior walls, in eaves, on windows, overhangs and in attic vents for a whole season without reapplication. These insecticides are found in local hardware stores and in garden centers. The pyrethroids insecticide acts as an adhesive for pyrethrin when sprayed onto a surface. When lady bugs and Asian lady beetles come in contact with the poison they soon die.