How to Make My Own Wasp and Hornet Killer

Lisa Wampler

A wasp or hornet nest is a signifier of danger in your yard. Wasps and hornets work as a collective to protect the hive. If you allow the hive to grow, it becomes harder to kill off the pest. Early detection will help you remove the wasp nest quickly and with little trouble.

A wasp nest can become a problem for your entire yard.

You can use harsh chemical killers or you can make your own less toxic spray that will protect the environment around you.

  1. Place 1 cup of dish soap per gallon of water into a pressurized sprayer. Sprayers used to spray lawn chemicals will spray longer distances so you do not have to get close to the wasp or hornet nest.

  2. Spray water into the pressurized sprayer to mix up the soap.

  3. Place the lid onto the container and pump the handle to create pressure inside the tank.

  4. Spray the soapy water directly into the nest and any surrounding wasps or hornets. Do this at night when there is very little activity around the nest. The soap strips the protective coating from the wasps and hornets and causes them to die.