How to Rid My Porch of Bugs

Heather Vecchioni

Bugs on your porch are bound to happen -- your porch is outside, after all. Bugs on your porch, though, could mean bugs in your home, as they can crawl through cracks and holes in your windows and doors. Fortunately, removing the bugs and reclaiming your porch is possible with a few tools.

Your porch belongs to you, not pesky bugs.
  1. Clean your porch. Remove any leaves, grass or other organic material in which bugs hide and breed. Get rid of any spider webs you see with a broom. Spray the porch with water to push off any bugs currently residing there.

  2. Place traps to eliminate the bugs. Place rolled-up newspaper or six-inch pieces of hose on your porch to trap the earwigs. The bugs crawl inside the traps and hide. Shake the traps out daily in another part of your yard. Place sticky traps around your porch to catch spiders, crickets and similar bugs that scurry on the ground. Hang sticky flypaper from your roof or porch to catch flying insects.

  3. Sprinkle boric acid on the porch to keep the bugs away. Boric acid covers the insects who walk through it. The bugs then clean themselves, ingest the powdery substance and soon die. Spraying pesticides or insecticidal oils or soaps on the porch also gets rid of bugs. Most sprays, oils and soaps are applied directly to the porch; however, read the product directions for best results.

  4. Tip

    Seal any cracks or holes in your windows or doors to prevent bugs from entering your home. Additionally, keep your rain spouts and gutters free of debris and remove such material from around your home, as it often attracts bugs.