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How to Kill Bees in Your Ceiling

Melissa Hamilton

Depending on how long bees have been in the ceiling can help you determine if you have a small hive or a large one with thousands of bees. Use caution when removing the hive and work only in the early morning or evening when bees sleep. If the hive is large, you may want to call an exterminator rather than attempt to remove the hive yourself. Removing a beehive involves care and preparation. It is very important to use protective gear and be safe when removing bees.

Removing bees is a difficult endeavor.
  1. Wait until early morning or evening when bees are asleep.

  2. Drill several small holes (1/8 inch in diameter) into the nest.

  3. Using the bottle, puff the insecticide dust through the holes.

  4. Once bees are dead, remove nest.

  5. Seal nest entrance with caulk so new bees can't enter.

  6. Remove honeycomb so new bees (or other bugs such as beetles) aren't attracted into the ceiling.