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Mopping Alternatives

Tabitha Harwell

Toss that nasty, germ-filled mop into the trash and switch to more sanitary alternative. Mops attract dirt and other bacteria that live on the floor of your home. Break away from the standard mop to a product that makes you scrub the floor to a sheen or ensures that all the dirt is properly pulled up for a clean look.

Clean floors without a mop.


The sponge is an excellent option to scrub your floors with for several reasons. Not only can you pop it in the microwave and zap it, while wet, for 30 seconds to remove any bacteria but you can also clean small spaces and crevices in the floor. Sponges come in a rectangle or circular shape with one side a yellow sponge and the other side a white cleansing pad. Set up your cleaning area by filling one bowl with clean, warm water and one bowl with hot, soapy water. Use the clean water to rinse any dirt or grime from the floor while using the soapy water to scrub.


Suction up the dirt and dust with a vacuum designed to use on tile, laminate and hardwood. Canister vacuums will come with an attachment specifically designed to pick up dirt and dust from floors with zero traction. Upright vacuums typically have a setting on the body of the vacuum for hardwood or tile flooring. If the vacuum does not have a proper floor setting, then check with the manufacturer to find out if it can be used on hard flooring. Areas that are heavily soiled will need to be scrubbed using a sponge or a different method.

Dust Mop

Purchase a dust mop to clean high-traffic areas and rid the floors of dust bunnies and other small items that are tracked inside. Dust mops are not your typical mop; in fact, they are a combination of a dry rag and a broom. Attach the dusting pad to the handle of the mop and walk around the room holding the handle at a 45 degree angle and pushing forward. Floor cleaner can be sprayed onto the floor or the mop itself to sanitize and shine the floors.

Steam Mop

Utilize a steam mop to clean your floors and disinfect at the same time. Steam mops look like an upright vacuum, but instead of a roller brush on the bottom, the steam mop contains a microfiber pad. Once the machine is turned on it generates steam and pushes it onto the floor. The steam loosens the dirt and soil, which the steam mp then suctions it up into the center basin, leaving the floor clean.