Can I Use a Steam Cleaner on the Terrazzo Floor?

Nick Davis

Terrazzo flooring, like other surfaces, requires regular maintenance to keep it clean and dirt free. The flooring consists of a mixture of cement and chips of marble, glass and other recycled materials. You can use a steam cleaner on your terrazzo flooring to remove caked-on debris and stains.

It is possible to steam clean Terrazzo flooring.

Steam-cleaning machines are available from hardware, home improvement and retail stores as well as from online outlets.


Before you steam clean your terrazzo flooring, you need to remove any furnishings from the room, if possible. Sweep any debris on the flooring into a dust pan. Dispose of the debris in a trashcan or bag. You do not want any debris getting wet from the steam and adhering to your terrazzo flooring.

Setting Up the Steam Cleaner

Open your steam cleaner’s water container and fill it with two cups -- or the manufacturer's recommended amount -- of water. If your area’s water supply contains a large amount of minerals, use distilled water; otherwise, tap water is fine. Do not overfill the container -- this can cause water to leak from the cleaner and spill directly on your flooring. Do not use any cleaning solutions or other products in your steam cleaner. Cleaning solutions will clog and damage the machine.

Using the Steam Cleaner

Plug in and turn on the steam cleaner and wait until its “Ready” light illuminates, indicating the machine is ready for use. Place the cleaner in one corner of the room and press the cleaner’s trigger to start releasing steam. Slowly pass the cleaner evenly over your terrazzo flooring for a minimum of 8 seconds, but no longer than 15 seconds. Press the trigger again to stop the release of steam. The steam cleaner both cleans and sanitizes your flooring. Continue releasing steam and moving the cleaner until your entire terrazzo floor is clean. Leaving the steam cleaner in one position too long can cause a buildup of a pale residue on your terrazzo flooring; use a towel saturated with white vinegar to remove it.


If your terrazzo flooring is not sealed with a commercial sealer, do not use a steam cleaner on the flooring. Doing so will introduce moisture into the flooring’s pores and cause the flooring to crack. Only steam clean your terrazzo flooring periodically when debris has caked on the flooring’s surface. For regular cleaning, use a damp mop and a cleaning solution recommended for terrazzo flooring. Do not use another appliance on the same electrical outlet as the cleaner, which can cause a fuse to blow or a circuit breaker to trip to the “Off” position.