How to Soundproof a Room That Is Already Built

If you want to build the ultimate home theater room or home recording studio, you'll need not only the right equipment but you'll need a soundproof room, as well. Outside noises have to be eliminated when recording and loud movie effects and soundtracks can disturb the rest of the household, even the neighbors.

To make a space soundproof, you'll need some materials you can purchase at most musical instrument retailers and even some home electronics retailers.

  1. Move everything out of the room.

  2. Measure the height and width of each wall in the room with a tape measure. Write the dimensions down on a notepad, denoting which measurements go to which wall.

  3. Cut acoustic-dampening tiles to fit the walls with a utility knife. Fasten the acoustic-dampening tiles to the walls by hammering T-pins through the tiles and into the wall with a rubber mallet. Hammer several T-pins in each tile to make it stay in place.

  4. Measure and cut acoustic-ceiling tiles to secure to the ceiling. You can get the approximate ceiling measurements by measuring the floor. Fasten the acoustic ceiling tiles to the ceiling by hammering T-pins through the acoustic tiles into the ceiling.

  5. Cover the bare floor with sound-deadening mats from wall to wall. Cut the edges of the sound-deadening mats as necessary to fit tightly against each wall, leaving none of the bare floor visible.