Corn Starch Crafts

Stacy D. Cooper

Pull a box of cornstarch out of your pantry and begin experimenting to see how many different crafts you can make with it. You may be surprised to discover cornstarch can be used to make modeling clay, slime, paint and glue. Save some money this week by making a few cornstarch crafts.

Make modeling clay out of cornstarch and cover it with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out.


If you have a few days to allow a project to dry, make cornstarch clay and mold items out of it. Combine salt and water according to your cornstarch clay recipe and bring it to a boil on the stove top. Remove the pan from heat and add cornstarch and cold water. Stir in food coloring. Let the mixture cool before kneading it with your hands. The Family Fun website recommends using 1 cup salt, 1/3 cup water, 1/2 cup cornstarch and 1/4 cup cold water to make the clay. Shape the clay into small figurines like a cat, pig, horse, dog and angels. Or make a bowl to hold keys, a pencil cup or a small vase.


There are different types of paint you can make using cornstarch as the main ingredient. You can make finger paint by melting sugar and cornstarch together on the stove. Stir in cold water until the cornstarch mixture is thick. Pour the mixture into small containers and mix in a drop of food coloring and dish soap to finish making the paint. Use 3 tbsp. sugar, 1/2 cup cornstarch and 2 cups cold water to make the paint. Use it to make the cover on a gift card or to paint pictures. Or make face paint by combining cornstarch, face cream, water and food coloring. Use a paintbrush to create temporary tattoos or designs on skin.

Slime/Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Teach kids how to make homemade slime and watch them try to figure out the secret of the goo. Combine cornstarch, water and food coloring to make a gooey mixture. Put your hands in the goo and lift. The slime will harden into a solid while you hold it. Open your hands and let the goo stream back into the bowl as it turns into a liquid. Put the goo into a covered container to prevent it from drying out. The slime can also be used as a sidewalk chalk paint. Simply dip paintbrushes in the slime and design the sidewalk. The mixture will wash off when sprayed with water.

Stress Balls

Exercise your hands by squeezing homemade stress balls out of cornstarch and balloons. Blow up a thick balloon, pinch its edges to prevent the air from escaping and insert a small funnel. Fill the funnel with cornstarch. Release your grip on the balloon to allow the cornstarch to fall inside. Continue to pour cornstarch into the balloon until it is slightly larger than a golf ball. Release the excess air from the balloon and knot the end of the balloon to prevent the cornstarch from falling out. Use permanent markers to draw a face on the stress ball.