How to Kill Phorid Flies

Damien Campbell

Phorid flies are tiny insects that reproduce in decaying organic materials, including rotting meat, vegetables and slime molds.

Adult phorid flies are an eighth-inch in size and commonly infest sink drains in homes, where they can deposit eggs in slime layers that develop from the buildup of organic matter in the pipes. Phorid flies can prove difficult to remove from your home due to their small size and inaccessible breeding sites. Eliminating slime layers from your pipes is one of the most effective ways to eliminate phorid flies in your home.

  1. Dry the seal around all the drains in your home and place a layer of duct tape over the drains. Poke a small hole in the duct tape using a pen to create an air current in the drain so that phorid flies in the drain attempt to fly out. A few flies may make their way through the small hole, but most will get trapped by the adhesive of the duct tape.

  2. Peel the duct tape away and inspect carefully for small phorid flies. Monitor the duct tape several times a day to determine which drain in your home is harboring the small pests.

  3. Pour drain cleaner down the infested drain, once identified. Always follow the instructions, as labeled, on the drain cleaner you use to in order to eliminate as much of the organic matter in the drain as possible.

  4. Rinse the drain with hot water after allowing the drain cleaner to sit for the recommended time to remove the chemicals from the drain.

  5. Scrub the drain with a scrub brush to physically remove any remaining slime layers in the drain. Physically removing organic buildup from the drains and eliminating their food source is the best way to kill phorid flies.

  6. Warning

    Wear a breathing mask when scrubbing drains to prevent inhaling residual chemicals or phorid flies that fly out of the drain as you scrub.

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