How to Make a Twinkle Light Canopy

The addition of a twinkle light canopy to a patio, porch or deck creates a world of romance and whimsy. The savvy party host or hostess can create a simple structure which will provide a magical twinkling world for outdoor parties and is easily collapsed and stored when not in use.

Add something extra to your next outdoor party with a twinkle light canopy.
  1. Measure and mark two points that are 8 feet apart under the gutter of the patio, porch or deck entrance. Measure and mark a third point which is halfway between the two points. Screw in three screw eyes on those marks. Thread a clothesline through the screw eyes and pull it taught. Tie it off to create one side of the canopy on which the lights will eventually be draped.

  2. Assemble the outer frame for the canopy. Screw the 8-foot piece of lumber to each of the 4-foot pieces of lumber so that it creates a frame that looks like a capital "E" when turned on its side. Use two screws per 4-foot piece to ensure stability. Screw three screw eyes into the frame, one per 4-foot piece of lumber. String clothesline through the screw eyes (as you did in Step 1) pulling the line tight and tying it off to create the second side of the canopy over which the lights will drape.

  3. Screw the outer frame onto the fence or railing of your deck, patio or porch. Use two screws per brace to ensure stability.

  4. Drape the twinkle lights over the clothesline, going back and forth between the outer brace and the brace on the outside of your house or apartment. Allow the lights to droop to create a softer-looking canopy. When finished, you should have a plug ending dangling down in a corner of the inner frame close to your home or apartment.

  5. Plug the lights into an outdoor extension cord and power strip.

  6. Tip

    If you don't have a fence or railing to screw the "E" brace into, you can alternatively create a freestanding structure by using 6-foot pieces of lumber or fence post set into basic square bases. Weigh down the bases with flower pots, bricks or sandbags for stability. When you are not using the structure, remove the lights and outer brace, disassemble it and store it in a garage or a closet.


    Do not leave the twinkle light canopy plugged in or turned on during rainy or bad weather as this will create a safety issue for you and your guests.