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How to Get Cranberry Juice Stains Out of Suede Boots

Chris Anzalone

Suede boots can prove troublesome when it comes to stain removal because suede is a coarse, porous material. As a result, you cannot simply wipe stains away, but will need to use the right solutions and apply a bit of elbow grease.

White vinegar can remove cranberry juice from suede.

Cranberry juice stains can really create headaches because they tend to cling stubbornly to all types of surfaces. The sooner you act, the easier your job will be.

  1. Remove any remaining liquid from the suede boot. Gently dab the affected area with a towel until the boot dries.

  2. Rub the dried stain with a pencil eraser. This will loosen the particles without harming the suede surface. Scrub the stain firmly with a suede brush. This will further loosen the stain.

  3. Apply a few drops of white vinegar to a soft cloth and scrub the stain. White vinegar is a powerful cleaning solvent, safe for suede boots, and recommended by "Good Housekeeping" as an effective weapon against cranberry juice stains. Your suede boot will smell of vinegar for a short time, but the strong scent will dissipate.

  4. Place your suede boot in the sun to air dry. If you do not allow the boot to dry properly, it may become subject to mildew growth. Accelerate the drying process by placing the boot near a portable fan.

  5. Tip

    When dealing with fresh stains, you can prevent the stain from setting by absorbing it quickly. If vinegar fails to fully remove the stain, try buffing the boot with a slightly-dampened cloth, sprinkled with a baking soda. Baking soda also works as a powerful cleaning solvent (thanks to its active ingredient, sodium bicarbonate), and will not harm your suede if used sparingly with minimal water.


    Do not rub the wet stain, as doing so can spread it and make the problem worse.

    When applying any liquid (including vinegar) to suede, apply the least amount possible to clean the stain. If you apply too much liquid to suede, it will lose its texture. The drier your cleaning method, the better.